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Professional measurement data management in no time at all

Whip your data into a neat shape. By use of only one software you can organize the measurement data of all Trotec devices and allocate them to different projects. Quickly and in a professional way!

Have you had to read out the measurement data of individual projects one at a time and transfer them by hand? An often laborious undertaking – in particular the more customers and projects you have. Save time and use the practical tools Trotec offers with its professional software solution. In only a few steps the measurement data of all Trotec devices is managed, analysed and organized efficiently. Particularly helpful is the unique, automated report generation option, which can be used to quickly and easily create professional reports for your clients. Establish your own central measurement data management: quick and easy to handle thanks to a user-friendly interface.

Whether it be relative humidity, surface or air temperature, absolute humidity, gas temperature, air flow rate or different climate values: Easily combine your data collected with the Trotec measuring devices. With a software from Trotec, for instance "MultiMeasure Studio Professional", you have all the tools required for the professional visualization and analysis of your data. Ranging from the data import to the creation of an individual report ready for printing. Start today with your own central measurement data management using the measuring devices and corresponding professional software from Trotec!